Smart Contract Upgrade

the upgrade process and history of MYKEY smart contract

MYKEY smart contract upgrade process

1. Code preparation and internal testing for contract upgrade
Test Pass
2. Contract code submitted to audit company for audit
Audit pass, get audit report
3. New contract deployment and code verification
check the link of new contract and the result of code verification
4. submit code and audit report to github(
code/code link
5. Prepare and publicize the contract upgrade announcement. The announcement content includes Reason for upgrade / Upgraded code link / Audit report link / New and old contract address / Trigger time / Effective time
6. Multiple sign wallets send transactions, trigger the addition of new contracts, and remove the old contracts.
Transaction link
7. After the delayed effective period(4 days) expires, any wallet sends a transaction, triggers the new contract to take effect, and removes the old contract. Update completed.
Transaction link

Upgrade history

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